ran's comms

Hello, I'm currently closed!
If you leave a message via one of the contact links in my about page, I'll get back to you when I re-open commissions!

  • Personal use / noncommercial only; please contact me for commercial commissions

  • If chibi, some details will be simplified to fit style

  • Text-only references will be charged a design fee

  • Delivered with plain or transparent bg

  • Will send sketch wip for big revisions, then only small revisions allowed after delivery

  • Payment upfront through paypal (USD only)

Turnaround time will usually be
1 - 2 weeks for chibis and regular sketches,
1 month for lined and full colored

order form

  • Paypal Email: I will send invoice

  • Style: small chibi, big chibi (simple/detailed), sketch, lined, or full color (bust/half/full)

  • Reference: image(s) or link(s) of character/person you want drawn

  • Personality: in a few words or give a specific expression

  • Important notes: anything else you'd like to add

Please fill this out and send it to me via one of the methods below


small - big

Small Chibi  
$17.00500 x 500px 
+$5.00 for simple animation such as blinking, winking, or sparkling+$5.00 for additional small companions, props, or details+$5.00 - $10.00 for pokemon companions depending on size and/or detail

Big Chibi  
$30.00 simple shading$45.00 detailed shading+$15.00 for additional small companions, props, or details


sketch - lined - full color

Greyscale with sketchy lines$22.00 bust$32.00 half body$45.00 full body
+$10.00 for color with simple shading   
+$15.00 for additional companions, props, or details   
Thin clean lineart with simple shading$40.00 bust$55.00 half body$70.00 full body
+$25.00 for additional companions, props, or details   
Full Color   
Plain or no BG$50.00 bust$85.00 half body$120.00 full body
+$40.00 for additional companions, props, or details   

additional characters are priced per head
full size delivered in .png, 72dpi, about 3000px on longest side

I'm a small illustrator that draws things